Für Uaz Patriot 

RIF roof racks are designed to carry heavy loads safely in offroad expeditions or whenever it may be needed, in any tough conditions. They provide equal weight distribution on the vehicle roof and allow to fix oversized bulky stuff - sand ladders and hi-jacks, rooftop tent or additional offroad lighting on all sides (special mounting points are designed there). RIF roof racks combine huge safety margin and high quality of materials and manufacturing. The bottom of the rack is made of 25x25 mm square steel tube with a wall thickness of 2 mm and spaced 210 mm apart, and side - of the tubes 20 mm in diameter and 1.5 mm wall thickness.

The rack can carry the bulky sand tracks and hi-jacks, outfit, tent in a hard box, and oversize and heavy items with an equal distribution of weight on the vehicle roof. RIF racks can carry multiple additional lamps installed on any side.


The designed load capacity of the rack is 200 kg, but please be sure to read the vehicle manual to find out the maximum permissible load on the roof. 

Resistant to even the most aggressive chemicals, the black powder coating prevents corrosion in any environment. 

We offer a 3-year warranty, excluding mechanical damage.